Writing a novel manuscript format

The right edges will not be uniform or even. The page number.

how to write a manuscript

Use a nice ordinary font. Plus a nice neat page number, of course. More about us. Tip: Crack open a book in your genre to see what the paragraphing conventions are, then emulate. Epigraphs, dedications, acknowledgements and all that kind of stuff can be left for when your book makes it into print.

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Let your creativity shine through your story, not your manuscript format. Remember, an agent needs to be able to pitch your book clearly to an editor, who will then pitch the book to marketing, publicity and sales, who then pitch to distributors, who pitch to retailers, who pitch to readers.

I like the less cluttered look when chapter one begins on its own page, and this seems to be the more accepted practice these days.

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How to Format a Novel Manuscript