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Writing prompts for high school seniors

Are you for or against the death penalty? If you had to choose a single song to describe your life, what would you choose? Why was this person so significant? You tried so hard to make the wish positive, but after the whacked-out events that unfolded over the weekend, you regret ever meeting that tricky panda. Why or why not? How are you most like them? If the internet were to crash forever, what would the benefits be for you?

Regular journal writing is one of the absolute best ways for teenagers to sort through their experiences, learn critical thinking, and begin making better decisions. Write about a historical figure who you believe truly changed the world.

Engaging writing prompts

By age 18, the average American has seen , acts of violence on TV, including 40, murders. Explain with examples. What is the worst feeling in the world? What is the best feeling in the world? How much time do you spend getting ready each morning? I appreciate it! Narrative In an article for your school newspaper, share your most meaningful school-related experience from the past year.

What does it mean to be a responsible citizen of the Internet? What is the best feeling in the world? What is it?

this or that writing prompts

If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be? What did you do? Are you planning on going to college?

We all need to let scraggly emotions run free in our prose sometimes.

Prompts for paragraph writing

What contributes to someone becoming a bully? Share This Story. You have been selected to be king or queen of your school. Using specific reasons and details, write an e-mail that convinces your teacher to use the movie of your choice. Share what makes that person, place, or thing so special. How much control over your life do you have? Do many people in your life deserve this type of compliment? That person may be someone you know or someone you have read about or seen on television. What is your most difficult subject in school? How did it make you feel? What is your favorite thing about being in high school? How so? Describe that quality. If you had to choose a single song to describe your life, what would you choose? Write a short story or poem in the voice of your favorite author.
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